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Can't connect to Instant Ink

I have a HP ENVY Photo 7134 printer and was happily connecting it to HP's 'Instant Ink' website whilst using BT broadband. Now I've switched to NOW TV the printer's connection to the internet's gone and the Instant Ink website says the printer is 'offline'. 


I printed out  the printer's Web Access Test Results' page:

diagnostic results 

 Local Network

    - Connected     (Wireless)


    --  Configured  (

   ---  Accessible     FAIL

then 'Not Run' for the rest of the diagnostics.

Current Configuration

HP ePrint   On

Printer IP Address

Configuration Source  Manual

DNS setting    Manual

Proxy Server Address   Not Specified

Proxy Server Port  Not Specified

Proxy Server Authentication   Off


Can anybody make sense of this gobbledegook for me please?


Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I don't have a wireless printer on my NowTV network and my IT skills are non existent (more of an AV enthusiast), but see if there is anything on this this linked thread below points you in the right direction. 


Also read the Sky Community Forum topic subjects that i also linked in the above linked thread.


Maybe also type HP Printer or Wireless Printer in the search bar on the top of the NowTV Community Forum to see what results come up that may assist setting up your wireless printer.