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My hub box internet dosent work but i have an extender and the internet works fine on that

my hub has all 3 lights on and used to work fine, i got an extender to reach to my room but now when i try and connect to the internet via the main wifi it dosent work (says no internet available) and will only work via the extender wifi, which works fine allbeit a bit slow. 

When I remove the extender and it still dosent work, so there is internet available for the extender but not directly through the main wifi box? 

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Have you tried a factory reset to the router?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help


An extender, if you are using the correct term for what you have, connects to your router by WiFi. So you have a situation where your extender works over WiFi, but your ??? (you don’t say what you are trying to connect from, which may have a bearing here) doesn’t.

But maybe you don’t mean extender, you mean power line adapters, which go over the mains?

But either way, try @gavs82008‘s advice and report back. I’ve had a router where everything was connecting except for one pesky device, and the device was fine, and a router reboot cured the logjam, or whatever it was.

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