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Re: Update Now TV app for apple TV

1, Siri integration from the Apple TV's home screen
2, Add the "My TV" section from iOS to the Apple TV version of the app
3, Display top shows at the top of the screen if the app is put on the top row of apps on the Apple TV home screen
4, Utilise the AppleTV's 32gb or 64gb of memory to allow the pausing or rewinding of live TV like the Channels app does
5, Have a proper scrolling TV guide for live TV covering all the channels on all passes instead of just the next two shows of just that channel.
6, Set program reminders and have these pop up on the screen, even when using another app. If you hit "ok" on the reminder, it then auto navigates to that live TV channel in the NowTV app
7, Reduce the cost of the Sports Month Pass by £5-£10
8, get live BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 onboard with catch up available too.

Re: Update Now TV app for apple TV

You're wasting your time. The app needs a total ground up re-write, but it will never happen. 


Look at effort Sky put into their Now TV apps on literally every other platform. Night and day difference. Every feature people are clamouring for on the ATV, minus Siri and top shelf obviously, already exists in those other Now TV apps. 


The reason the Apple TV app is so utterly dreadful is that it isn't really an Apple TV 4 app at all. It's a port of an Apple TV 3 app, and those ran on very antiquated and simplistic hardware. All Apple TV 3 apps were just text on black screens with tiny thumbnails as it was impossible to do anything else. when Sky cobbled together that old app the Now TV platform lacked all the niceties of other streaming services, - no My List, no last watched, no TV guide, no remembering where you are in a series etc. As the platform developed Sky updated every Now TV accordingly except the Apple TV app. When the Apple TV 4 came out Sky did literally the least work possible and ported their useless ATV 3 app over. 


So what you're looking at is an app which is a good 3 years old at least and has never been updated. It's clear that it will never receive the re-write is clearly needs, to give it the modern (ish) UI and functionality from the PS4 and Roku apps. It's abandonware. The only way sky would ever update it would be to fix it if a future TVOS update killed it. 

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Re: Update Now TV app for apple TV

I for one would like to see any kind of update for Apple TV. Anything would be better than how it currently looks/works. 

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Re: Update Now TV app for apple TV

Bob Hope and No Hope sadly. Smiley Sad

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Re: Update Now TV app for apple TV

Recently watched

Both these items would be good as standard. It's quite frustrating as a new subscriber to NowTV using my AppleTV to have to search for what I'm watching every time.

Re: Update Now TV app for apple TV

To quote an earlier post from 2015: 

"I noticed that when watching a tv series, after an episode finishes the next episode does not auto play, infact the app just hangs on a blank screen and you have to back out before you can continue and select a new episode."

Unfortunately this is still the case in October 2016!! 

And on my new TV4....!

If only we could use the IOS app that works properly??

It's very offputting to have this malarkey every time you watch a series.......tortoise' at work, no hares?

Please don't ignore this any longer and with your restrictive monthly screen replacements b.....y annoying.

We are paying for this frustration......


......tortoise' at work, no hares?



Re: Update Now TV app for apple TV

Apple TV verson: 3rd Generation

Not sure there is any point adding to this post, as it looks like Sky only bothered posting one response in April saying how much they love to hear what their customers want ...then ignore it for half a year.  Anyway, the reason I am here is because I have just started using NowTV, and I am trying to find out how to continue watching a film (yes, I insist on calling it a film rather than 'movie'.  Can't believe people in this country call push chairs buggies, soon women will be using 'pocket books')

Rant on Americanisation (my good, an 's') of this country over...

The following article led me to believe that you can only do this from a PC

So I came to the forum, as I couldn't quite believe that these features would be missing.  Well, this thread has proven it to be the case.

I can add to my watch and list and continue watching Netflix from any app, even on my two (maybe three) year old TV that has had no updates that I am aware of...

I have left Sky partly due to the cost, but also the appaling way they pay no attention to complaints about their Sky box software (fed up with missing series of linked programmes, and the box freezing/unable to switch on).

Looks like NowTV is just as bad, if not worse (at least I could easily select a programme I was watching on a Sky box ..if it wasn't frozen).  The one good thing is that I haven't had to buy a box from Sky.  I bet there are thousands of Sky boxes collecting dust when people are fed up paying for 'very little' ...and the box becomes useless because they cripple it from recording anything, great for the environment  Don't you just love Sky ...????



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Re: Update Now TV app for apple TV

I would like to see the Apple TV 4 app updated to look like the Now TV Box app. The UI looks much smarter on the now tv box, or even it could look like it does on the iPhone/iPad, would be a great improvement.


mainly for me is more fluidity changing channels. Would be great to bring up the now and next guide and scroll through the channels, then switch to the one I want without having to click back, then scroll to the channel the click ok to watch like we currently have to do.


im not bothered with the Siri integration, would be a nice touch, but rarely use it as it never brings up the right program or film, have a mixed accent so don't think it always understands me lol


Re: Update Now TV app for apple TV

Unless the AppleTV app is heavily improved - particularly the poor video codec - then my subscription is being cancelled. I have tried to enjoy the NowTV experience on AppleTV and I am afraid I cannot kid myself any more - it is very poor. When I also consider that for similar cost I get a far better experience from Netflix and a much smoother video delivery there is no contest.


Re: Update Now TV app for apple TV

Just cancelled my subscription. I'm sick and tired of waiting for Sky to give the Apple TV app the attention it needs, whilst still expecting us to pay the same amount for an inferior experience. If the app gets a complete rewrite into something usable, I may consider returning.


But to be honest, I'm really not sure Sky content is worth subscribing to anymore. I get my films elsewhere (Netflix, Amazon, Apple), I don't watch Sport at all, and I have BT TV for access to the most important non-Sky pay channels.