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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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@Anonymous User 


Yes, I’m sure Sky are very careful not to have Now cannibalise what they offer.


But Sky aren’t just ‘other parties’ and I greatly doubt they would want Apple TV to be any less capable than any other platform that Now is on, with the limitation to HD more than sufficing.


Whereas if the ‘other parties’ included Amazon and its interests in having its FireStick as top Now platform, that would be a whole other kettle of fish.


I’m sure Sky want to see a level playing field for Now, though; just not one up at the level Sky’s playing field is 😛

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.

@RoyB @Anonymous User 


Regardless of all of this, I think that 5.1 and 1080p is a bare minimum that any streaming service in 2015 should be aspiring to let alone 2022.


That said we should take things in context and appreciate the competition.  In the context of the appleTV platform ALL the other streaming services provided at least 5.1 and 1080 (and have done for 10 years already) and in most cases ALSO nowadays Atmos and 4K.

The same competition is also cheaper and the apps they provide are objectively technically better put together than NOW's is.


Take that also with the idea that NOW have a Boost tier which provides 1080p and 5.1 - that service is offered across multiple platforms and there is NO technical reason why they choose not to do this on the AppleTV.  Yes, I said Choose.  I still believe this is a choice.  We the consumer have been badgering them for over a year to fix the appleTV app.  They keep saying its soon.  It never is.  Remember in the summer of 2021 we discovered that Live streams are quite happily 5.1 sound coming from an app that is supposedly not capable (yet) - this is an insult to the customers intelligence.  There is no technical reason why the app can provide Live streams in 5.1 and not on demand content.  To suggest otherwise is ludicrous.  Lets not seek to make excuses for NOW on this one.


Cannibalisation.  Good topic.


NOW will always be the poorer cousin to SkyQ, and latterly Sky Glass (which is itself the future of Sky).  it is aimed at a different audience however they cannot take their eye off the competition and make it too expensive and poor quality compared to Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime etc.  This is however whats happening.  Now is falling behind dramatically.

Also, Sky Glass and cannibalisation is a very interesting point.  As im sure some of us realise that an AppleTV used properly with the AppleTV TV app.... functions the same as the Sky Glass service (but missing Netflix integration sadly).  If anything is capable of stopping customers buying Sky Glass its AppleTV users.  I know for one that I wouldn't use Sky Glass because of the TV app in the Apple ecosystem.

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As much as I like the Apple TV app Now TV isn't its only thorn in the side. Sadly iPlayer is abandonware on the Apple TV and hasn't been updated in years. Its UX is now years out of date and it famously lacks support for 1080p and 4K HLG content. It's still supplying the same legacy 720p streams which are used on devices the BBC no longer develops for.


I've tried asking the BBC why they've abandoned the Apple TV but I just get stock responses about limited resources etc. They couldn't even be bothered to update the app icon when they changed iPlayer branding a while back.


So when you put it into that context at least Sky do update Now TV for the ATV once or twice a year. 


@Anonymous User 


I share your frustration with iPlayer.


I must admit I watch a lot of BBC content and all of it via iPlayer on the AppleTV and ive never really noticed the fact its behind the times.  My BBC content is accessed directly via the TV app which informs me when new episodes or seasons are available and I just go straight to the show and never really see or navigate the iplayer app itself.  I doubt id notice if it got updated to be honest.


The only time that I have had to look elsewhere was when I wanted to watch the only Dr Who episode filmed in 4K which was only available to me on the iplayer app I have on my smart TV.  For that, I switched over, but back to AppleTV for everything else.


I guess that I dont really see the BBC content as needing flashy HD and 5.1 etc.  Im content with the picture quality we have.


That said its now going to niggle me that its outdated!


I agree completely though that a company like BBC need to prioritise development and it often surprises me that they have a version of iPlayer for so many platforms.  I guess the numbers for AppleTV dont warrant their time and effort.  I hope that changes.


The main difference is that iplayer is 'free' (of course its not but you know what I mean) yet NOW is a very expensive monthly subscription.  I think that NOW are far more unreasonable for not fully supporting the platform that they purport to be available on than the BBC for iPlayer.

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Legend 5

Any ATV 4K owners can help out this fellow forum member with this issue on this linked thread below or come across it before on their Apple TV box using the NOW App ? 


There is a couple of similar threads in the past, but mainly Roku devices seem to had this problem previously from my quick search on the forum.




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Does anyone have an issue when watching the football through Now on the 2021 model? It’s just very fuzzy and the faces are quite blurry. I’ve switched back to the 2017 model temporarily and it’s fine on that but it’s not a permanent solution because it doesn’t allow 4K HDR on BT Sport.


I’m sure it’s something to do with the Now app on the new model but I’ve just not seen any complaints about it.

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Hi I’m having the exact same problem the pitch is like pixilated and it’s giving a blur blotchy reaction. This is extremely unacceptable as this doesn’t happen on cheaper devices of my friends I have tried including the fire stick.  Hopefully the more People start complaining the faster they resolve the issue. Is there any different output settings on your old Apple TV? Thanks @Anonymous User 


I would encourage you to complain.  Loudly.


NOW should understand that if they are willing to take our money they should provide a service worth paying for.


AppleTV is a supported device.  The app was only released a year ago.  Its a current platform to say the least - not some ageing smart TV OS.


But be aware that many complained loudly 9 months before its release on the omission of 5.1 sound and here we are 22 months later......

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I’m still convinced the root of all the issues is because Now has opted for a custom built player rather than the TvOS inbuilt player.   I appreciate 5.1 DD works fine with Sonos on live streams, but some other AV setups are having issues switching between different sound formats (e.g. at ad breaks). The video issues mentioned above suggest they could be related to this also.

I cannot believe changing to the inbuilt player will be a difficult technical task.  HBO Max quickly managed to revert to the inbuilt player after experiencing issues with their custom attempt.  There is no excuse for it taking this long to fix.


@Anonymous User 


Thats the key.  There IS no excuse for it taking this long.


They have known about it since I, and many others reported the problem from the earliest public beta in March 2020.  They promised it would be fixed... never did.... then promised it would be included in time for launch... never was.


They even told the beta testers to stop reporting it as they were aware.


Then they launched it and continued to assure us that it was going to be fixed soon.  It never was.


It still isn't.


Frankly they just look incompetent at this point.  incompetent and worse still totally uncaring about their paying customers and the customer experience.


At the very least... they could just release a statement saying that it is/isnt/will/wont be fixed and then we can take view from there.


For me, I watch all things though the AppleTV TV app and I appreciate that functionality.  For ease sake I tend to forgo 5.1 on TV shows..... but if im watching a movie then I will switch over the the Firestick to make sure I get the 5.1 soundtrack.  


I look forward to the day when this is not necessary..... but I suspect this day will not come.... at least before I find myself no longer wanting to be a NOW subscriber.