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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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What’s funny is they state no changes or anything to test. So implies they don’t even know!
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Just updated to the “new” build and the entertainment pass section is there for me. Did you try restarting the app? Or maybe they fixed it already.

@Anonymous User Went off & reported it. Have now come back and gone round the loop again. Looks like they have fixed it now. Hurrah for that. But honestly up to 89 days more beta trialling? That will take the whole thing over the 2 year mark since “beta trialling a new app for Apple tv” started 😮

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It’s not even beta testing, as clearly states no changes and nothing to test. Just says not ready to release yet, why is the question. I suppose at least they left the testers with a working app.

@Anonymous User 

My view, on this and every other beta trial that I’ve taken part in for both NOW TV & Sky over many years now, has always been that it’s definitely not & never has been testing (as I/we know it in the sense of a long career in IT systems & software development), it’s definitely only “beta trialling” (or as I prefer to call it “just using it and flagging up any issues found”).


Why do I take that view?


Because we have no access to the spec of what they have built (or were trying to build) nor do we have any specifics as to what to test.


Just my 2p worth of course! Other opinions are available and will differ from mine...

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There is also no bug tracking.

Totally right.


As someone else with more years experience than I care to remember in IT and systems testing...


We are not beta "testers" in any sense.  We are simply there as low level primates bashing away at the app with a plank of wood - not doing anything at all structured... not getting the satisfaction of feedback when we take care and attention to report specific issues... and then not getting any release notes on the rare occasion a new build is released enabling us to add any sort of value by actively re-testing issues that we previously reported and confirming they are solved.


No.. we are just there to "stress test" at best.  Nothing more.  A shame really and a huge lost opportunity for NowTV.


On the plus side... we have another extension - so beta testers can continue to use the app (sorry to all those who are still waiting).


On the minus sides.. (yes more than one)

This is taking forever.

The public release seems ever distant and unfathomably further delayed.

The beta remains unchanged for a long time - begging the question what else they are working on.

Are they really going to miss the Christmas Market again?

Given the Beta was going to expire in 14 days... and they wont hit that for public release.. that means we are looking at late november at the soonest.


It would be nice to get some sort of announcement with a timeline.  They have publicly stated "autumn" and as previously noted this does give them till 21st December.


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Just to have an explanation as to why the delay is and feed back like you said would be appreciated.

But when you get told nothing at all it is very stressful
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Does the current beta offer the Apple TV app integration they said will eventually come? If not, maybe that’s why it’s still in beta. If they launch without that, I’m going to be furious. If they do, hopefully they’ll follow quickly with TV app integration, like BritBox did.


This is beyond a joke. I’m not on the beta and have been eagerly anticipating this app update for over 2 years now. 

The ‘beta’ app is clearly working so why not just release that? Even if it’s buggy literally anything would be better than current app that’s now over 5 years old and still on version 1.0! There also seems to be no clear development or roadmap on the current ‘beta’ app as seen by the recent update purely to extend the test flight expiration date a further 90 days. 

The only reasons I can possibly think that the app has not launched is either there is a major app rewrite in the works. Now TV to relaunch as Peacock or using the Peacock interface? I know a lot of the Now TV dev team were moved over to work on that so it would make a bit of sense. Perhaps there is not many left in the Now TV dev team or none working on the current tvOS app. Or perhaps there is something going on in terms of rights or a disagreement with Apple over in app pass purchases. Prime video were recently given special exemption to be able to include purchases within the app without giving Apple the usual 30% cut.