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Roku App Problems

The new app is like the web based version. However 3 main problems.

It is much more sluggish than the previous version.

When watching a series, it was easy to go to all the episodes using the back button. The new app does not allow you to go to the episodes listing, and instead goes to the main tab. You either have to search for the show, or go to your watchlist.

Thirdly, a  weird one: when pausing and switching away from NOW to another HDMI input or TV, when returning to NOW the picture is much smaller, and is positioned at the left hand top corner of the screen, taking up about half the screen in total.  I have never seen that happen on any other app!  You have to shut down the app to restore the screen to the full size.

And to cap it all, I prefer the previous app by a country mile!




Hey Al


Now's looking in to it, they've apparently passed the Roku problem up to their second tier support.


Personally, I've given up my Roku for the time being.


UK Bob