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Paying 13.98 want to cancel but cannot do it.

I want to cancel my membership with Now! Unfortunately, it does not give me the option to do this. I cannot do delete the pass -as not there. When I go to billing -it states nothing -but yet I am paying two payments of £6.99. It says I have been a member since 2014. 

This is proving to be very difficult -and something that should be simple -is turning into a nightmare!!!!

I cannot seem to contact Now even via email. Shall I just cancel my direct debit?

Thank you kindly

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There is NO direct debit with NOW as it is not a contract supplier. 

Where did you take the membership to begin with? Was it on the app or website?

The reason for this question is that both are managed completely differently. See this link for full explanation of managing your membership be it on the website or if you took it from the app.

To make sure check this link for other possible accounts with the same payment details.

To have any chance of a refund you need to go onto live chat. Make sure your signed in and using the drop down at ‘How to get in touch’ to get live chat.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help