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Now TV app rollback to prevous version - i appear to be on a buggy beta

The Now TV app on my Roku has changed from a reasonably easy to use app to some buggy beta release now branded simply as "now" that displays all of the now tv content in horizontal strips - and there doesnt appear to be an easy way to filter the stuff your not subscribed to.


 Its sluggish, it's hard to find stuff to watch and to put it bluntly isnt fit for purpose, or even release.

how can you roll it back to a stable version??

 the Roku says its version 6.2 build 2

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@chilli2 you can't roll it back. Now are aware of issues with some Roku devices and are working on a fix.


As for the layout, that was introduced to some devices back in October. I've got used to it and to be honest it works just like the old layout but instead of a list on the left, it's a column of tiles with the same names.


@Saint1976  @chilli2 


Unfortunately guys


Now TV's rollouts seem to be getting worse every time they happen, it's like they don't do beta testing anymore.


However, I'm reasonably sure that they will eventually fix this new problem, just like I'm sure they'll eventually fix the spell-check facility in this forum which apparently no longer seems to work.



UK Bob



Mines on 6.4.2 and I tried to update it last night it it stayed at that revision.

It doesn't work of course at all, so your lucky.

Expert 2

Ive found that due to the app/uiser interface being beyond awful i will be looking at cancelling the subscription unless it can be rolled back to the old style





Hey Chilli


You know that this (mythical) rollback is not going to happen, despite the fact that the current app is slow and buggy.  The new owners at NOW (not Now TV) have too much time and investment tied up in rebranding and establishing their own "brand/corporate identity".


So, as a customer, you have two practical choices, you can either stick with it until things " 'come good again" (deliberate slang term used) or ship off to pastures new, i.e. accept or reject.


You must understand, the new owners are not going to back down for a few disgruntled customers, they're going to pilot this ship their way.


So, accept or reject, you have no other choice.



UK Bob