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Keep getting error code VSF:SDK.LOADING_LIMIT.UNKOWN_REASON.MAIN_CONTENT on my Chromecast with Google TV on live tv channels except sky news which plays as normal have cleared cache etc still does it.


Has anyone else got the same problem?

Scholar 3

What device are you casting from? 

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @sb64 

I get this message now and again also with my Chromecast 4K Google TV.

For me I firstly try a power reboot on the Chromecast Google TV dongle, if that doesn't work a power reboot on the Router usually clears the error message for me.

I really like my Chromecast Google 4K TV device, but when watching live Sky Sports I always tend to get the camouflage picture noise artefacts and have no alternative to use a different playback device which is a shame because it's one of my better streaming devices I own.

Scholar 2

Forgot to put down my Chromecast with Google Tv is the 4K one.

I have noticed this problem only happens before 5 am where only sky news can only be viewed and entertaintment and movies come up with the error code,

Around 5am all channels seem to work normally which seems strange as i check with my other devices and they seem to work normally.


I have encountered this problem when I have pressed the home button to exit the app. 

I think if you exit the app by pressing the back button and the selecting leave now it will start up fine the next time you want to use the app.