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Apple TV back button

Since this last update, 7.3.1 on Apple TV 4K the back button doesn’t do anything when watching a show, so there is no way to exit. I have to long press the back button to get to the Apple TV main screen, then go back into NowTV or force quit NowTV to watch another show.

anyone else experience this?



Me too.

You aren't going mad.

What a bizarre bug - and it's very very annoying.  You are right the only way to exit the playback is via long press which takes you all the way out.

I noticed this a little while ago.

I just rolled my eyes and added it to the list of irritations on the NOW app on AppleTV.  FF/RW are horrendous and now you can't even back out of the app cleanly!

Hoping they fix it but not holding my breath.