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Sky Sports News on App or Player not working

I've had Now TV for a couple of years now and have always had the same problem. When I'm using my box, Sky Sports News works perfectly well either in the apps section or via the TV Guide. 


If I try to watch it via the app (installed on my PC and Laptop), it directs me to the Sports day pass page. I have always had entertainment and movies, and often buy sports day, week or month passes, but regardless, it ALWAYS works on the box and not on the app or player. 


Very frustrating. I'm not even going to bother asking the chat "experts" for help, does anyone else know what the problem is and/or the fix?


Thanks in advance.


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Hi @Anonymous User 


Unless this has changed recently, you can only watch Sky Sports News with either an active Entertainment, Cinema, Kids or Hayu Pass on NowTV & Roku branded devices only has a bonus to customers who bought these devices.


I don't believe it works on your PC or Laptop hence the reason when you click on SSN on your account it says buy a pass.

Anonymous User
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Thanks for that mate. Chat agents would have taken half a decade to clear
that up. As it happens, I have movies and entertainment and buy the odd
sports pass and box office. But looks like it IS only available on the box
or other roku powered devices.

Cheers 👍