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Now Tv Player crashing on Mac Desktop

Every time I watch Now TV on my Macintosh Desk Top computer it plays OK for about 15 mins and then closes with the 'Oops, something's gone wrong'. I have to sign in again and reload the player and then it will work OK before crashing again after a while.

No idea why but it is very annoying. I have the latest version of the player so it should work better than this. It's a lot of money for a Sports pass and this really ruins it. 

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I also have the same issue.


I believe the website times out and therefore the NOWTV player app crashes/shows an error message.

Fortunately, I can use the player for longer than 15 minutes but unfortunately, it crashes before the programme is finished.


Other streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon PrimeVideo, Apple TV, have their players built-in and there do not have this issue. 

In addition, their websites do not unexpectedly time out either.

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I am so bored of NOWTv and its second rate operating system. I couldn't log in for months, NOWTv could see this, due to an error on their side, yet they refused to refund my payments for 4 months. I clearly had not logged in during that time as I was unable to!

Now, as I can't play it on my TV as it keeps crashing, I can't watch things on my new MacBook either.

Just crashes with that "Oooops" message.

Ending my Direct Debit tonight. Joke! 

I have no such issues with Netflix /Amazon

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@Anonymous User @Anonymous User 

Are you able to uninstall and reinstall the player? 

Hopefully this link will point you in the right direction.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help