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Yep you read that right, its taken months but here's the fix!!!

Go to this website and follow the instructions

Solution 2: Re-Registering you Applications.

Don't worry if you get Red errors.

Let it finish, restart your PC and sign in!!!

It works!!!

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these solutions did not work for me unfortunately... same issue with the Windows 10 App ("something went wrong") something definitely went wrong thats for sure. This is the ONLY App on my computer that does not work so there is OBVIOUSLY a problem with the coding etc.,  Come on NOW TV / Microsoft, get your heads together and give us a working app, it will surely save you having to refund millions of people. The app works on LG TV flawlessly, it works through browser ( not flawlessly as it logs me out unnecessarily every 30 minutes) but at least it works, so why not the Windows App? Perhaps someone can give an explanation here why NOW TV are supposedly not supporting this app? Is there an official announcement somewhere stating this? i would like to read it.


Thank you.

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This 'new' NOW TV PLAYER app is ridiculously flawed & all but useless. Now TV worked fine on Windows 10 previously - with everything in one place. (ie. Search and click to watch a show in one place).

Now we have to download the player app, go to the website and sign in, search 0the show, click to play, click again to watch on the player app...Then if you click to watch the next episode, up comes the oops SOMETHING WENT WRONG message and you have to start all over again!

I've had nothing but problems with the stick, plus these problems with the app and to add insult to injury, when you want subtitles, they can't even get those right! 

No useful support. No helpful fixes and silence seems to be the stern reply judging by all the forums I've seen reporting the same or similar issues. 

At some point, I have to ask myself, why exactly am I lining the pockets of this shower of ######, when there are so many other streaming services out there that can be relied upon to actually work!?  

Frustrated Rant Over, & I'm Out!

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User @Anonymous User @Anonymous User 

You are best to watch using the Now TV player. 
Shortly the Windows App will be removed.


See this link for watching Now TV on windows

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help