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PC & Mac


Watch NOW from your browser

Hi everyone, We have some great news to share! From today you can stream all our brilliant content directly from your web browser – you’ll no longer need to use the NOW Player to watch on your PC or Mac. Find out more about all the different ways to ...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Can't watch on laptop, player redirecting to website

I'm trying to watch Sky Sports on my laptop. It's working fine on my iPad but when I open the laptop player it just says "Head over to the NOW TV website" and when I click "Let's Go" it always redirects me to the home page and all the passes are ther...

Windows App on mutli-monitor set up

Hi, I have 3 screens on my pc.. 2 are through the standard display ports, the 3rd is through a HDMI cable that goes to my TV.. On systems like VLC player I can set that player to always appear on my 3rd monitor and use the HDMI sound output... Id lik...

Next Episode won't play from popup box

Until a few weeks ago, I could happily at credits push play on the pop up box on Now TV to get the next episode playing.. Not now.  Now an error comes up every single time, you have to go back to the  full menu window and kick off the next episode to...

Error VGC-4253 - recording software active?

Hello,I am getting this error:Error due to active recording software- Error code: VGC-4253024462:4253024462But I do not have any recording software active. I have cleared browser and closed down all possible applications that might be producing this ...

Resolved! Player won't work on laptop

Any ideas why I can't get the football to play on my windows laptop? I've paid for the pass and downloaded the player. It works on my phone but I need to use my phone for something else. My laptop will play the free previews. When I click on a film, ...

Nothing appears on My TV

New to Now TV and using player on Windows and Now TV Stick. Nothing is showing up on "MyTV" when I choose it from on demand, or start watching it on the player. What am I doing wrong/not doing?Thanks.

Have they sorted the subtitles out yet?

There are a couple of shows that I want to watch that are exclusive to NOW TV and I'm looking to subscribe for a couple of months. However I would only use the PC and  I NEED subtitles that work. Before when I joined the subtitles were a joke, they w...


Why do the subtitles always fall behind the speech and most of the time never work on the NOW TV player?


Yep you read that right, its taken months but here's the fix!!!Go to this website and follow the instructionsSolution 2: Re-Registering you Applications.'t worry if you get Red errors.Let it fini...