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Cannot Install NowTV Player on my new MacBook Pro 15"



I have followed all the instructions on this forum (and links) and simply cannot install the player for Mac. It gets right to the end, starts to install, then quits with a messages saying "please try again", which I've done (after removing everything and shutting down/restarting) many times. 


I'm running the latest Mac OS X 10.13.4. I had the same problem when running 10.13.3. 


I can't see what else I can do, anyone got any thoughts please?


Thank you



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Re: Cannot Install NowTV Player on my new MacBook Pro 15"

Hi i hope you have already solved the problem, if not give this fix a go.


1. remove all versions of now tv from mac.

2. restart mac

3. navigate to and download the player.

4. navigate to the location of the download. right click the now tv install and select show package contents.

5. navigate contents - macOs.

6. run Install NowTv . a terminal window should open. DO NOT WORRY IT WILL STILL FAIL THE INSTALL !!!

7. in the terminal window you need to look for this towards the very end. The exact location will most likely be different.

installer: Error the package path specified was invalid: '/var/folders/0_/dxkn_c1152v964nglm555_5c0000gn/T/tmp-NOWTVPlayer-Mac.dmg’.”

8. Now open a finder window and navigate to your macintosh hd. (go/computer/macintosh hd)

9. Input cmd+shift+ .

10. you should now see all hidden files.

11. Navigate to the location given in the error in your terminal window and find and run the “tmp-Nowtvplayer-mac.dmg”

12. follow install instructions.

13. navigate to, login, start watching !!

14. to hide the hidden files in macintosh hd input. cmd + shift + .

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