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Netflix will not load



Can anybody help before I loose my mind? 


I have been able to watch netflix for months on my Now tv box (black) but sometime last week it has stopped working. It tries to load up and shows the netflix logo then goes straight off. 


I should mention I have tried updating the app, deleting the app and re downloading l. Updating the now tv box. Also accessing the secret menu and updating from there. I have also reset the box to factory setting. Also the aged old turning the box on and off from the wall. 


Please help I need to finish joe exotic 🙂 


Thanks in advance. 

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Reading here on the Community Forum and over on NowTV Twitter it looks like the Netflix App is currently broken on some customers older nowtv black boxes and Freeview Smart boxes.


My newer NowTV 4K Smart box is still running fine on the Netflix App.


Unfortunately there is nothing you can do at your end until NowTV comes up with a software patch to fix it, where reading over on Twitter they are in the process of working on.


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I have exactly the same issue; I have had to revert to using the Netflix app on my phone and iPad and casting content to my TV via my Google Chromecast.