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Offers and Vouchers - Broadband


Resolved! Fibre broadband query

I am an existing Now non Fibre customer upgrading to new Fibre broadband contract at the end of Jan.I have been told an engineer has been booked to install my new phone line. I currently have a working phone line with NOW, why is an engineer required...


I'm looking to move to Now T.V. Broadband but if I select new customer and key in my Post Code and Number and select coming from other broadband I only get the minimum offer. If I select moving to house then I get best deal. Why?

Resolved! Now Broadband credit check

Hello guys, I have been living in the UK for 10 months so far and now, I'm moving to a new flat and need to get HBB for obvious reasons haha Anyhow, I don't have any credit history as of yet, as I'll need to be living here for at least a year and be ...

John Lewis Voucher

Hi, I've recently purchased a Now TV Broadband package through offer at the time included a £50 John Lewis voucher. I am unsure how to claim this voucher. Please can you advise? Many thanks,  Max

Call divert

I noticed a very competitive price on Now TV but before clicking on buy it I would like to know if there is any chance to get the call divert facility Thank you 

Cashback - missing not pending

Signed up for NowTV broadband through TopCashBackClaim - faster pending , transactions should show within 24 hours they are pending. Reality - No cashback pending, missing cashback claim lodged, never had a now TV or sky package in my life. Feel conn...