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New customer help please

Hi sorry if I am being dim, but I am totally confused as to what I need to do.  I have just cancelled my sky after 17 years and not sure what I need to purchase.  I have today signed up for now broadband superfibre for 12 months and should have received 12 month half price offer for Sky Cinema.  As it is Black Friday weekend, I am tempted by the 12 month stick with entertainment and cinema, but would I need this due to broadband offer above? Also we have 3 TVs but none have now TV on them so would I need to purchase a stick for each TV?  We also all have a tablet and a phone each (4 household members), can you have more than one account per household, ie I buy one stick package on my account and my husband buys a stick package on another account, could we then have four devices watching nowtv at the same time.

I would be so grateful for any help


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Hi @Anonymous User

With the NowTV Fibre offer you have taken with half price Cinema offer for 12 months you can only watch Sky Cinema with 4 devices on your account and 2 simultaneous streams at the same time.

Also have a read of this help article on what devices you can watch on NowTV, just in case you already own devices in the house on the list such has games console etc to save money buying further nowtv devices.

If you need more than 4 devices on your account and more than 2 family members could be watching nowtv at the same time, then yes you would need a further separate account.

What i would be inclined to do, is to take advantage of NowTV Black Friday deals on their website to achieve what you are after

1. Possibly look at the 12 month entertainment pass with the bundled stick with the up front payment, and once the stick arrives activate it on the same account details you have used with the NowTV Fibre and use on Television 1.

That will then get you 12 months cinema at half price and 12 months entertainment (pre paid up front).

2. Then possibly purchase the BF combined 12 month cinema & entertainment pass bundled with the stick which you will need to use a new second nowtv account in your husband name & bank card.

When the stick arrives set it up on Television 2 using your husband nowtv account details, then you will have a further 12 months cinema & entertainment up front payment.

3. If you haven't got any devices on the link above, then you need a third device for TV 3, then perhaps look at the £15 bundled sticks from Currys or Argos etc and i would add this stick to your husband account (you should be able to redeem the pass on this £15 stick during month 11 i.e. last 30 days under a current existing offer on your account ). 

4. Then that would leave you 5 devices spare across the two different accounts (3 spare device slots on your Fibre account & 2 spare on your husband account where you need to decide your viewing habits and the best way to split these 4 tablets when you sign into the NowTV App when it comes to 2 streams at the same time on a single account).

5. If my maths is correct then that will leave you 1 device spare slot left, but wouldn't be sufficient enough to cover 4 smartphones Smiley Sad 

Hopefully, other forum members may come up with more ideas or a much simpler solution to the above.