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"Already on an offer for the same Pass" / Can't Apply Voucher



I've just cancelled an Entertainment Month Pass in order to add a new one.


It now displays:


You can keep watching until 12 Dec 2019


You won't be charged for this pass again. Come back anytime for unmissable TV, over 300 Box Sets and channels that aren't on Freeview.


There is an option to restart the pass but no link to Apply a Voucher.


I tried adding the voucher to the "Got a voucher? Enter it here to see the offer details" at the top but I get the following error:


"It looks like you're already on an offer for the same Pass as the one that voucher's for. Come back in the last 30 days of your offer to use this voucher."


The offer I'm on ends Dec 12th i.e less than 30 days so why can't I apply the new voucher?



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Re: "Already on an offer for the same Pass" / Can't Apply Voucher

I have the same with a preloaded voucher. I am on a 7 day trial which I cancelled but cannot add any of the vouchers yet.  Will just wait a week.

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