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NOWTV - refusing Black Friday offers to existing customers

Had a long chat with NOWTV support and they are simply refusing to make Black Friday offers available to existing customers.


If NOWTV are happy to be losing customers then their loss.

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  1. Agree 
  2. even cheaper to buy vouchers/pass cards from supermarkets for a few months or electrical stores than pay the monthly rolling costs (crazy and not making customers feel valued)if you go via some cashback sites works out even cheaper. 
  3. Tesco customers can use Clubcard points for discounted prices
  4. If a couple or family get the other half or another family member to purchase the deal as a new customer 
  5. look at Sky directly for their offers
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Totally agree, just cancelled both my subscriptions.

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Totally agree.  I got the Black Friday deal last year, that elapsed two days ago and then the passes auto-renewed without any warning, but I suppose I should've expected that.  What I didn't expect was to be told that I then couldn't purchase the same Black Friday deal this time because I had active passes.


Why not make the Black Friday pass activate after the current active pass expires, or even activate it in place of the current pass?!


I spoke to support as well and although polite they couldn't help at all; just passed on my complaint.  They couldn't even advise if my wife could purchase the deal as a new customer instead.


I found the whole thing completely ridiculous.  Just seems like Now TV are trying to cheat us into paying 20 odd pounds a month when it could be half that!

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Totally agred very disappointing that there are no NOWTV 12 month deals for loyal customers.

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chatted yesterday to customer services then say offers going  live for existing customers and there get the 12 month £99 offer for me has been with them 5 years so said ok il look today and if no offer will cancel now tv has ripping people off plus cant buy vouchers in supermarket around here so today just been on to customer sevices to see why no offers has was told yesterday would be get told there is no black friday offers for any customers said was not happy ect  said i  was wrongly informed yesterday  so said i was mad and if thats case il end up going some where else said will get a offer sent in 48 hrs to me so said ok so then 5 mins later i spoke to some one else and then said completly differant things and said offer is with retails only what a joke 

so will see if get offer by tomorrow 

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