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Re: Black Friday - £99 12 month deal - "something went wrong at our end"

@Anonymous User 


A new Stick may come laden with enough ‘free’ passes to blow this offer out of the water again.


Better to just open a new account, reset your existing Stick, and then just set it up with the new details.


You will need a false beard and glasses to get a new account, though, with any or all of a login through Chrome in Incognito mode, so they don’t detect their cookies from before, a different email address, a different payment card maybe; just basically anything that disguises the fact that you have been a loyal customer in the past, and makes you look like some blow-in ‘rate tart’ fresh from an affair with Netflix or Amazon, jumping ship to save a few quid, as this is apparently the sort of customer NowTV are after these days 🤡


N.B. ‘rate tart’ is the rather derogatory term that marketing people have for the sensible people who change accounts to get the best of the deals that the marketing people doing this 💩 are spending all their time devising. You wonder which they hate worse - their customers, their jobs, or themselves?

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Re: Black Friday - £99 12 month deal - "something went wrong at our end"

Cancelling everything because of this.  The black Friday deal was available to existing customers last year. Now my 'exclusive member offers' were limited to a sports offer that wasn't even as good as the new member one (I don't even like sport).  Of course, Now TV's customer service being what it is (isn't), I can't get through to them.  And I agree, they make it very hard to get a second account (which is fine if they're guarding against endless free trials, but seriously?  If you're signing up with hard cash for a whole year?). I wish everybody that feels like this would cancel, and that everybody who gets appalling service would take it as far as the ombudsman. If I do get through to an advisor on chat, I never spend less than an hour and never get to the end without losing the will to live.