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Technical Issues applying Entertainment pass - getting the run around from help!

I bought a new stick 27 October and it came with 1 month entertainment, and 1 month movies.


However, when I try and apply a new voucher, it appears to accept it, but then it vainshes off my account. I contacted help and they told me to apply the voucher again, which I did (I thought I must have done something wrong the first time).


But it keeps happening - I have tried it 3 times. I was on chat with help, and they gave me a new code to try. Same thing happened - but the chat cut off.


So I messaged them - but each time I get a different person and they are either not reading back on the transcripts, and or not reading what I am telling them. I have repeated it so many times it's not funny!


I bought an extra movie pass and that applied and stayed on my account ok-  so it seems that there is some technical issue applying entertainment vouchers to my account - problem is I can't get it resolved.


I'm pulling my hair out trying to get a straight answer!






I tried to go back on chat but all I get is the bot that does not help!





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I think this is happening to a few people, me included!  I added a 1 month free entertainment pass which seemed to disappear.  Under passes and vouchers it shows £8.99 as my next payment however under billing is shows £0.00.  I have been assured that the billing section is correct and that the voucher has been added.  It must be a technical issue at NOW TV.  If someone would confirm that it would be helpful.

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Thanks for your reply - no one at Now mentioned any kind of technical issue! I just thought maybe it was the entertainment voucher on my account (I had managed to add one on the Cinema ok). What was strange was that when I advised them of the voucher code I had applied, they said it hadn't been used.


After the char got cut off and I was only able to email them, it was so frustrating as each time they replied, they obviously didn't read what I was saying as they replied about Cinema pass (which is fine) and closed the complaint!


Appreciate your prompt response.


With regards to your query, we see the 1 month free Sky Cinema Month Pass offer has been successfully applied on your account and you're right you have bought the Smart Stick on 27/10/2019 but when you applied the code on same month the pass was active now the applied code has been activated and it will expire on 27/12/2019 19:05"


then the next message would say something different!


So very frustrating! In one way I'm glad it's not just me, but sorry you are also having issues!


NB - in my bills section, it doesn't mention anything about the cinema, but I did cancel my pass as I didn't trust them not to take out £8.99



@Anonymous User @Anonymous User 


I’m pretty certain there’s a bug, or a limitation, on the Passes & vouchers screen that just shows you the default upcoming payment, because it can’t see your particular details.


For instance, it told me that I would be paying my next Entertainment £8.99 on 13 December. 
Right date, but wrong amount, as I have a free pass starting then.


Which, if I click/tap the link on that page into Bills & payments, is shown as it should be.


I think quite a few current reports of ‘Pass lost’ and ‘Pass not applied’ are due to relying on what is shown on this misleading Passes & vouchers screen, instead of looking at the accurate Bills & payments screen.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
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@RoyB @Anonymous User 


I think you're right.  It used to be that the passes & vouchers screen showed the voucher as it was added so you knew what date you had paid/were under offer until.  I wait with anticipation to see what happens to the passes & vouchers screen when my new voucher starts on the 24 December.  

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Well as I didn't trust it, I "cancelled" my pass so that it wouldn;'t renew.

When the current voucher expired yesterday, I couldn't watch it!


Finally managed to get onto chat with a real person, took me a while to get it sorted, but finally got there!! My account came up asking me to start a free 7 day trial (how bizzare when it wasn't a new account), but I had to let it before applying yet another new voucher that the chat person gave me!!!


But I lodged a complaint after having 11 emails the day before - most of them didn't read what I was telling them and kept parroting that I had my movie pass till 28 Dec (fault was with Entertainment).


I had to keep repeating my problem - twice they closed the case even though not resolved, and the last email they just ignored!!