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hi  can anyone help  we already have passes but we was thinking we may buy a 12 month one  ,there is an offer on but  you cant have the deal if you already a passes ,dont understand 

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Unfortunately it's part of the terms and conditions with this Christmas Offer 😠.


How long have you left on both your Cinema & Entertainment Pass on your account ?


NowTV in previous years gone by allowed you to take up the offer deal if your existing passes have less than 30 days remaining.


Though i noticed on the 12 month Black Friday Deal that they required no active passes on your account to be eligible for the offer.


The only workaround was that customers was contacting the nowtv live chat service and asking live chat to cancel & remove their existing passes early from their account.


Then they was able to qualify for the 12 month offer.


Suppose it depends on how much is left on your existing passes to see if it's worth considering.


Don't know if live chat would accommodate this once again, because i suspect NowTV Management caved in with all the flak they was getting from customers during the Black Friday Sales promotion offer.


Suppose there is no harm in getting in touch with live chat to see what they say.