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Missing episode below deck

Below deck Med season 6 episode 9 is missing despite being available on The Hayu app. Is there there a reason for this? Thanks 

No internet 24 hours after activation. HELP!

Was told internet was going to be switched on anytime yesterday. But woke up this morning and it's still not on. Any help would be great before the rest of the family wake up and I get moaned at!! Ha


I cannot believe that I am now getting advertising before I watch a show. NOW TV is the most expensive streaming service I am subscribed to and I do not expect to have to sit through any advertising. I am going to cancel my subscription just on princ...


Hi there! I got a free trial for NowTv and I didn’t get informed when my free trial was coming to an end. I wish to request a refund as I have only used NowTV once, as it didn’t have the shows I was wanting to watch Ive tried using the live chat opti...

left the family home

Hello not sure if this is the right place. recently broke up with my partner of 18 years. We have a now tv package in my name. She would like to keep the package but we understand we cannot transfer to her name. She also wants to keep the same landli...

Free trial charge

I signed up for a free trail a week ago and within 24 hours I was charged £9.99. I've now cancelled the membership but it doesn't say I'll get that back. Why is it so hard to speak to someone? Other than a robot?!


Hello my TV is smart TV but only problem is. It does not have Now Tv on there. So what I have done is bought now TV stick for my smart TV will it work 

Exsisting entertainment

I currently have a now entertainment pass, can I add the sports also or will it kick me off the entertainment package?? I see you can have cinema and sports but nothing about entertainment and sports?? Myself and partner watch a lot on the entertainm...

New House

Hi, Not sure if this is a silly question; I am moving into my house on 29th August, the activation date for broadband that is being offered is 31st August which is completely fine. I was just wondering, is that the date the router is expected to arri...