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On Demand Sport - Why does it take so long?



I like to watch F1 but I noticed that it can take quite a while for the Grand Prix to be available on demand.  Sometimes well into Monday.  Why does it take so long?  I understand that its the same on Sky Q and Now uses their infrastructure but when the likes of the BBC have everything on demand quicker and offer start from beginning or watch live then why cant Now do that?


It looks like Sky Glass will allow start from beginning or watch live and have instant on demand.  I am assuming they have done a big infrastructure upgrade for that.  I wonder if this will filter down to Now TV seeing as its somewhat the same infrastructure.

Elite 3

@Anonymous User On demand has been discussed here a number of times. It's down to the rights agreement that has been negotiated between the various channels and/or rights holder.


In respect of F1, Sky have the exclusive rights to show the race live, Channel 4/4OD have the exclusive rights to show the extended highlights or replay after the races completion. Once Channel 4's period of exclusivity has expired (off the top of my head - 24 hours) then Sky make their highlights package or race replay available on demand.


Every sport is different and you'd need to examine all the agreements in place but some are extremely complicated to fathom.


Premiere League as an example is broken down into live broadcast, short highlights, extended highlights and full replays all with different periods of exclusivity to different broadcasters. As I understand it the following applies


Live - BT Sport and Sky

Short highlights (available after the game is finished) - BT sport app/YouTube channel Sky YouTube channel

Extended Highlights - BBC Match of the Day exclusive for 24 hours (but expires after 48 hours when it's removed from iPlayer).

Full replays - BT Sport app and Sky/Now on demand after the extended highlights package has expired.


I know from previous threads that one of the Now staff who works on the content side has said they are working on making on demand content available quicker but in most cases they are limited to the deals in place with other broadcasters.