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Apple TV

I have a new apple tv box. Now Tv won't download from the App store. It keeps crashing. Works fine on my other devices. 


My young daughter brough entertainment and hayu. The money is still pending i have cancelled the membership but how do i stop the transaction pending as i can not find live chat and over the phone will not help me???

Tried to join NOW

I tried to join NOW broadband and was told my line isn't active despite using it daily for calls and broadband.The problem stems I think form the fact that I use SKY and calls go via VIOP not BT landline, hence showing not active. No one  at NOW is i...

Now Tv error message

Hello,  Yesterday I changed my password for now tv and I am now receiving an error message when trying to access the app ‘Network problem- sorry we couldn’t connect you to Now’ even though I am connected to a network. Appears to be a technical error,...


Why are you censoring websites??? Are we living in Communist China or the UK?? Who are you to decide what sites I choose to visit or where I choose to source information on any topic? Why are you censoring or preventing access to sites like

Missing episode below deck

Below deck Med season 6 episode 9 is missing despite being available on The Hayu app. Is there there a reason for this? Thanks