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Overdue bill already paid

Bill has already been paid but they are saying its overdue.My phone will no longer let me make calls!How do i get to speak to a human or get this sorted??Thanks

Resolved! TV guide

Is there a TV guide that will automatically search for shows and channels and give me the ability to set a timer for the selected shows. Since there have been so many channels available after the analogue was no longer in use I have missed so many sh...

why is now tv so bad on all my devices?

Now tv is the only media app that does not work properly on my tv. This is annoying but had been working round this with other television on now tv box and pc. Now it doesn't work properly on these either. Constant buffering, crashing and errors and ...

Worst customer service ever.

Has anyone else had an issue with live chat bumping you off the chat if they don't have the answer? Trying to ask a question and get an answer and they keep leaving the chat, then I cant get back on. This has been an issue for weeks now and I'm getti...

paying my account

My UK card has expired, Payment could not be taken. I'm trapped in France due to Covid.  I just need to pay one month's subscription by my French Credit card but am being refused. My daughter is trying to pay online from the UK with her UK card but i...

Now advertising on Nigel Farage's show

It appears that Now TV is advertising on G.B. News.  This is after his attacks on the R.N.L.I and their saving migrants.  I find this offensive and hope to bring it to the communities attention. I am hoping we can let Now know that a great many peopl...

Max number of user

Is any one else having problems with max users apparently I have two many people watching when I know that I do not this is becoming extremely frustrating any help out there 

appalling new contract imposed

anyone else very angry with the 19th July update?I pay for 2 separate subscriptions, they are advertised separately and paid for separately but now i am only able to stream one of them at a time.surely that means they are being paid a subscription th...

How do I remove devices

It is saying I have reached my limit. But there is 2 I no longer use. But can’t find option to remove devices. Now I can’t seem to watch on my t.v