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My landline is dead.  Everything has been checked for connectivity within the home.  Neighbor's all  OK.  Contacted BT but as I have a landline deal with Now Broadband, BT say I have to contact Now.  The phone line 0330 3323 050 is permanently engage...

Bill2 by Advocate
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Now tv box wont sync with the app

I have a box and stick in 2 tvs, and on a 3rd TV I have the app only. The app on the TV syncs with the app on my phone (adding movies to my watch list, continue watching ect) but the box and stick doesn't. They don't reflect any changes I make, and a...

OVP_HTTP_403 Error

I am trying to watch now tv but it keeps giving me this error code: OVP_HTTP_403 . Has anyone else encountered this error and do they know why it is happening and how to fix it? 

Corndog by Newbie
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No broadband

Has anyone had problems with there broadband tonight as mine is currently down

Claire06 by Advocate
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Block wifi user

Is there any chance I can block a wifi user on my router without changing my password? On my old router I could change the settings to when I wanted the user to use the wifi or not. 

Ash2 by Advocate
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Wifi ######

Would you pay 23 pound a month for 1.9 mbps

Jayden by Advocate
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Resolved! Wireless router

Does anyone know if there is a wireless router I can get? I am a current customer but I have to move to a caravan with no phone line so need a wireless router 

Lee8 by Advocate
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Chromebook compatability

Good Afternoon, I have a Chromebook and would really like to be able to watch NowTV on this but it doesn't work. Searching older posts would suggest this is something to do with NowTV using Microsoft Silverlight which is not compatable with Chromeboo...

higgic01 by Scholar
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Sky Sports HD channels missing

I had Now sky sports + boost until May this year - I cancelled at the end of the premier league season. At the time there were all the sky sports HD channels available. I’ve just renewed my sky sports and boost membership and the HD sports channels h...

JamesL by Advocate
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