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What's with the adverts?!

Why have you added adverts at the start of programs?The main reason i subscribe to Now TV and Netflix is to avoid having adverts and spam crammed down my throat every time i switch on the TV.And to avoid a 20minute program lasting 45minutes due to ad...

Resolved! WiFi hack by nosy naighbour

My next door naighbour hacking my WiFi and also making his "WiFi" offensive names about me. It's kind of stalking. Those people sitting in home and only one thing what thay can do is smoking  drugs. Problem is long and they still stalking. Their serv...

Nina843 by Advocate
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Suggest Your Ideas for NOW TV Here!!!

This dedicated thread is for users to suggest ways to improve the NOW TV service that aren’t already in the Ideas Board.     Any ideas for improving NOW TV are welcome, and if the NOW TV Team especially like any of the ideas and think they could wor...

Andy by Legend 5
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unable to cancel boost membership

i would like o cancel my boost subscription as i no longer need it and there is no option to cancel anywhere on my account, i cant cancel payments as that option not available either so im being charged monthly for something i dont use ive been tryin...


SpoilerHow come you change change the names on the devices anymore ? How come you change change the names on the devices anymore ? 

Resolved! Refrence numbers for account

Hi Everyone...does anybody know where to look for the reference number I was supposed to get so that I can backtrack any complaints and or cancellations...I cannot talk to anyone on the helplines if I can't find my ref number...I have set up the acco...

User Profiles

(Apologies if this is in the wrong chat but it's not easy choosing one for this subject.) NOW TV is used by many families across the country and each family member has their own likes and dislikes. Currently there is no option for each family member ...

RAB78 by Mentor
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Are we ever going to get 4K/UHD?

It's mid 2023 and NOW still don't have the Sky Sports UHD Channel... You would expect paying for a sports membership then paying for boost on top of it to at least get 4k at the absolute minimum so why haven't we got it?