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Resolved! Now TV competiion

I received an email which says its from NOW TV but seems suspicious. Just need some help to confirm if this is an official promotion run by NOW TV. The link in the email takes me to: this spam?

new website bugs

Hi,I would like to report some issues I found with the new website when being viewed in responsive mode on a windows phone (may effect others too I don't know).When on the site him page and you click the profile icon to reveal the drop down which con...

Comaprison of Xbox One app, LG TV app and new black box

Just wondered, how do the apps on Xbox One and the LG TV's compare to the new black box that has faster streaming, is there any advantage of buying the new box?  I have the white box but don't use it as I use the TV app instead but wondered if there ...

AMC from BT

I've been looking into getting BT infinity. What type of content is shown on AMC as anything online about the channel appears to be rather vague 

Black box offer

Thought I'd post as seen it well worth it for the pass alone box with6 months entertainment pass£19

Daredevil Season 2

Dear Forum Members (especially those interested in the Marvel/Netflix series of (super) heroes. I have just seen the merest taster of a scene from season 2 of Daredevil and it looks like the Punisher is going to be the guest star of that series. Now,...

Black box

It's back! £19 black box and 6 months entertainment on Amazon

Resolved! Freesat Support for Now TV

Hi there, I'm just wondering if there is any chance of getting a Now TV for freesat anytime soon?I currently use my PS3 for watching Now TV and previously Netflix but now Netflix have added an app to freesat it would be much easier to do all my telly...