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Do you ever?...

Let's start from the start...I am currently in the process of changing from Sky talk and BB to BT infinity when virgin media decide to call me(coincidence?)  they gave rave me the usual questions who's your provider do you have to etc..when i tell th...

iPlayer Beta (Now TV box and Roku)

Has anyone else changed the settings in iPlayer to get the Beta version? I like the idea of getting a first look at new features.  You can also provide feedback and suggestions about iPlayer at

DarylM by Legend 5
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Finally sideloaded MY Now TV Box

Hello forum  well after conuntles try's i finally sideloaded the now tv box this afternoon 26th jan 2016 i had all but given up but thought right one more time and did it and the people who have said you have to do it fast are right cos you have.  no...

LG WebOS TV's - anyone using one ?

I'm looking at getting this model - nowtv app, simple to use smart functions - that's what I'm seeing from reviews however has anyone on here got one ? How does the now TV app compare to the now TV box ?Is the picture quality on freeview HD any good ...

Can't install Plex on 2nd TV in the house

I'm having problems installing Plex on a second TV. I have Plex Media Server installed on my PC and using Plex successfully on a white Now TV box on the TV in the lounge. I've got a 2nd Now TV box (black) that I'd like to connect to the server. I can...

Movie Availability & Subtitles

I am a new user of Now TV and have so far enjoyed the service. However, I sat down to enjoy an old favourite today, only to find that it was no longer available. How about highlighting the last viewing date? It would allow your subscribers to plan th...

Download music previously bought from Amazon

Dear Forum Members Just out of interest, I recently followed some advice got from and was able to download most of my CDs (21 so far), at no extra cost, I had bought over the years from Amazon.UK. Now I can play my old CDs (some...

ukbobboy by Legend
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The Three Laws

Dear Forum Members I have over the years come to believe in the following three laws, especially when it comes to computers and computer related equipment. 1) KISS, better known as Keep It Simple Stupid.  Simply put, the more complicated you make you...

ukbobboy by Legend
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Tom r should learn what a forum is

Either that, or tom r thinks he knows me and is using his position in the forum against me. Or he cannot read plain english.every time i post ANYTHING in this forum, he objects and claims EVERY post is in breach of forum rules. Tom - get a d...