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Wifi connection

So can anyone help I have a ring camera door bell never had an issue connecting it to my WiFi but my WiFi was reconnected tonight after being cut of now everything's back on my doorbell won't connect says issue with WiFi connection I have restarted modem someone help

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@Anonymous User 

Have a look at my post in this thread for separating the Wi-fi signals. It might be of help.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

I need to set up a laptop and printer in a summer house about 8 m into my garden.  It is mains wired from a ring main in my lounge nearest to summer house.  Help please




You need something like this:-


It’s a PowerLine Adaptor that you plug the sender into your router, and it sends the Ethernet signal over the mains to the receiver in the summer house, which offers 3 Ethernet ports and WiFi there.


Currys have a faster one for more money, and there may be similar devices, from TPLink and Netgear, available from other vendors.


I had a £60 pair from Curry’s to pipe Ethernet over the mains to my garden room, and it was good enough for my professional WFH needs.


But if you have a tablet or a phone you want to use in there, make sure you get one with WiFi, as not all PLAs have that, and you will need it for any devices without an Ethernet port, or just for convenience, even with those that do.

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