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Amazon Prime - Scammers are Back and A Cautionary Tale



Dear Forum and Amazon Prime Members


A few days ago, while taking a day time nap, I was woken up by my phone ringing and then greeted by an American woman telling me my Prime membership was closing down. My sleep addled mind at the time did not realise that this was a pre-recorded message. 


The American woman was soon replaced by a man with an Indian accent telling me my £79.00 annual Prime membership was in danger of being closed down. I asked why and why couldn't they continue with my monthly Prime payments, I got a non-sensical answer about being an international company.  I replied that I will contact Amazon directly and sort it out, the man was saying I should blah blah  blah, i.e. my poor sleep addled brain couldn't take anymore and switched off.  Only after puting the phone down, and fully (well, partially anyway) woken up my now, that I realised it was a scam call.


Not that I would have given this anonymous guy my credit or debit card number but I was genuinely caught off guard and was actually talking to scammers, something I never do. But I was saved by my natural paranoia, I was still skeptical enough and still wanted to talk to Amazon directly rather than Mr Anonymous.


Anyway, the cautionery tale is never answer the phone or deal with anyone while half asleep. 


Stay frosty



UK Bob