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Shows I Like To Watch



Fellow Forum Members


I thought I'd throw out this list of current, and recently ended, shows I like to watch. 


OK, so I'll start with SWAT:


I find this show exciting, lots of action without being gratuitous and usually sticks to straight forward themes and, above all, I feel that's all is right with the world at the end of each episode, i.e. it's sheer escapism.


Next, FBI:


As with Swat, I find that FBI hits all the right targets.  Again, it's just feel good escapism.


This would have been my first pick if it was still on, 9-1-1:


Same as SWAT, can't wait until the next series, season 4, is aired.


New Comer, Minority Report:


This new series has grabbed me, hook line and sinker. I love sci-fi and they've combined this genre with a cop buddy-type show.  Somehow, this just works for me.


However, as far as I can see, only one season, containing ten episodes, was ever made.


Will continue to watch:


1) L.A.'s Finest


This action comedy, with emphasis on the "comedy", for me misses all the things that made the Bad Boys films so good, i.e. the actors in this show seem to lack comedic timing so the jokes always tend to fall flat.


2) 9-1-1 Lone Star:


Has the same premise as 9-1-1 but misses something the original clearly has.


3) FBI Most Wanted:


The main star of this show, Julian McMahon, has played the bad/evil guy in most of the films and shows he has been in, so for me it's somewhat difficult to now see him as a good guy, I just can't do it. I'm expecting him to use his position in the FBI to unveil a devastating scheme to take over the world.  


Should be in the Arrowverse:


BlindSpot - Features super FBI agents solving interconnected and obscure clues left around the world and tattooed on Jane Doe's body by super villains laying out their future plans of taking over the US and/or the world, and all done without any super hero uniforms or capes.


These are the new shows I've lined up to watch:


Mr Inbetween, Siren (Boxset), Two Weeks To Live and Brave New World.



UK Bob


PS. For brevity, I've missed a lot of shows off my list.



Elite 3



Two Weeks to Live is a good quick binge watch and if you like that then check out Brassic - similar sort of humour and with the benefit of 2 seasons there's more character development.


Perry Mason was a fantastic production but was given some rough treatment by critics. I enjoyed it and it's set up nicely for another season.


Westworld - needs a lot of mental investment as it's a complex story line over the seasons and there are so many twists and turns. 


My go to, long running show to watch is NCIS and I'll still sit to old watch old favourite episodes.


My lockdown guilty pleasures were watching all of 'Building off the Grid' and 'Gold Divers'. 

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Yep, I like quite a few things on your list as well....


I really enjoyed Perry Mason as I was drawn to that by Matthew Rhys and Tatiana Maslany.  I also enjoy Westworld although it does hurt the brain a bit....... and of course I'm all over NCIS and its LA and New Orleans spin-offs.


Lockdown for me was a time to discover a good bit of Quest can't beat a bit of Salvage Hunters with a side of Combat Dealers!!!




@Anonymous User  @Saint1976 


Well Guys


First, I must admit that my guilty lockdown is Blindspot, and I would not really have got into it unless I was locked down.  And so I started binging on it from season two, I'm now on season four and the scripts are getting more and more fantastic with every new episode, hence my superheroes and super villains without the uniform and capes reference.


I've not watched Perry Mason, or any of the freeview shows mentioned but something caught my eye yesterday on iPlayer, Roadkill starring Hugh Laurie. I think I've watched three episodes so far, and it's totally gripping, i.e. showing some of the machinations within British politics. I'm also trying to binge on American Soul on My5, it's a bit "hit or miss" at the moment.


I tried watching Westworld, and although it's science fiction, I just couldn't get into it. 


Anyway, cutting my post short, I'm off to make some lunch (probably a cup of tea and a ham and egg sandwich) while finishing off Roadkill (which only has four episodes) and start boxsetting (yes, I made that up) Siren (somehow, I feel that "Siren" should be spelt with a "P").


How can I watch four boxsets at the same time? I hear you cry (or imagine you cry out), i.e. Blindspot, Roadkill, American Soul and Siren (without the "P"). I try going without sleep.

No Sleep Emoji.png


Fellas, later.



UK Bob



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I've noticed some of the late night timings for your forum posts regarding your binge-watching sessions, so I guessed that sleeping was optional!!!!!!!




@Anonymous User 



Yeah Thom


Sleeping is very optional, finished season 4 of Blindspot and the ending was a humdinger. Not started Siren yet but I did manage to finish Roadkill today as well, looking forward to the next series.


Now gonna watch my "never miss" Sunday night/Monday morning episode of SWAT, and then I may try catching up on some sleep.





UK Bob



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I don't watch everything on your list, but there are a few gems that are crucial viewing for me as well.


I think S.W.A.T is my favourite of the moment....I've always liked the shows that Shawn Ryan has created (like The Shield) as you tend to get some of the best action scenes and car chases on TV and you can't beat a good car chase done properly, I HATE shows that don't have the budget with their action car chases and do it with folk sat in a prop car in front of a greenscreen....and Shawn Ryan does it right.  The recent episode in Japan was a real highlight.


I would probably also have 9-1-1 in a close second position....I might have initially thought it was a bit like Casualty on steroids, but it so much more than that and is now compulsive viewing.  I do also enjoy the Lone Star spin-off.


AND where to start with Blindspot, I love it!!!!  A really good idea for a show when it started that has been stretched way beyond the realms of reason and might have been lucky to get to season five and how we've had to wait for season five!!!!  When this final season ends I'd love to see a Patterson and RichDotCom spin-off......if they survive????


Other shows being watched include: Prodigal Son, Billions, NCIS: New Orleans, etc, etc.