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Entertainment Pass

I've bought a Smart Box with five months entertainment included. Unfortunately my account will not accept the redemption code.




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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum.


Assuming you've managed to set up your NOW TV account with payment details correctly (there is a slight payment issue at moment so if you run into that try again later) then the usual cause of this is misreading the code on the voucher. Try a few different combinations, especially where a letter may be a number or vice versa, e.g 5(five) and S, 1 (one) and I (capital i ) etc


The following help page gives more advice

If you are still stuck, go to

and choose the option to Start Live Chat who can check the code for you.

NOW are looking for users to join their Customer Feedback Group and help improve the service. If you're interested read more here and sign up.

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Hi and welcome to the forum,



If you are a new NOW TV customer, the 'voucher pass codes' can be a little confusing. Perhaps the following 'Help Centre' article may be of use to you: Now TV voucher code not working!





The one that catches a lot of people out when entering codes (including myself) is o (letter) and 0 (number).  Now I tend to buy passes from Game who send code in email and I just cut & paste it in, saves me bother that way.