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Scholar 3

Amazon Prime Video app arrives on NOW TV devices

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Scholar 2

It's about time. I've got a firestick that has been unused for a year, because i don't have enough plug sockets to plug it in. My extension thingy has 6 sockets. I have plugged in my tv, xbox, playstation, desktop pc, monitor and now tv box. i already have to unplug something to use my printer.


These tv streaming companies need to realise that sockets (and hdmi slots) are at a premium. Plus the electricity usage of all these boxes and sticks is terrible for energy conservation. Also all these unnecessary devices, remotes and cables lying around everywhere. 

Anonymous User
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Anyone know how to actually play on Prime TV. I've installed Now TV App, I sign in and can see Active Pass, I press Start watching, I picked a film and it says error and I cant play any movies?? 

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


What Amazon Fire device do you have and are you a UK NowTV customer and not based in the Republic of Ireland.


Also if you are using a VPN make sure it is set to UK or switched off.


When you say Prime TV i am assuming you are accessing the NowTV App with your NowTV account login details and not by any other means.