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"Too Many Devices" despite only using 2

For NowTV Entertainment, we only use 2 devices to watch; an iPad and an Amazon FireStick.

However, we've recently had an error message pop up when watching on the FireStick saying that we're active on too many devices. We then went back to the iPad and now we're getting the same message. We're unable to add or remove devices from our account, so we are unable to watch anything on NowTV despite months of no issue.

Any advice/help would be appreciated!

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Annoyingly NOW reduced their number of streams from 2 to 1 over a year ago. So unless you have boost to get 3 streams you’ll be restricted to 1 stream.


You also don’t remove devices from your list. It’s been changed to just start streaming. 

As a tip you need to do a clean exit of the content you’re watching by going back to the home page. If I were you go as far as exiting the app and doing a force close. 

If you’re trying to watch on both devices at the same time without boost then you’ll be receiving that message. Otherwise make sure to do a clean exit of the content/app.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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I don't have a Firestick, but does it give you a back out option which ends with "close app," or similar?

For the iPad, make sure you stop the stream and go right back to the home page, then double press the iPad button and swipe up on the app icon to stop it being active. Or swipe from the bottom and do likewise if you have a full touchscreen version.