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Really bad experience of NowTV

My broadband was supposed to go live on 7th Nov but my kit never turned-up in time. NowTV system shows that my kit didn't turn up. No-one from NowTV had any initiative to chase this up.


I rang customer service on 7th Nov and was told it would take another 3 to 5 days to deliver my kit. I asked for manual settings to configure my old router and was told I couldn't have them because "the wires are different."


This morning - 9th Nov - I see that I've been billed my full monthly charge by NowTV even though their system clearly shows that my kit hasn't been delivered and so I'm unable to use their service.


I'm going to start publicising this unbelievable incompetence on a blog...


Legend 5
Legend 5

@Anonymous User whilst it's a bit of a pain I can only suggest ringing them back up again (at least if you're now 'live' it will be a free call from your landline) and ask them what compensation you will receive for the days between going live and receiving the Hub. I would have thought they should be able to arrange a pro-rate refund at least.

Anonymous User
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I was also supposed to go live 7th. I got the kit nice and early but on live day no internet or phone line. Rang up yesterday and they arranged an openereach engineer to come today.


The openreach guy got the phone line working but found that Now TV have ordered the line to the wrong address (3 miles away not even the same street!)


I rang support and was told I need to cease the order and to call back tomorrow to re-order. And have to wait another 2 weeks to get connected!!


They said they would give me a free set up fee for tomorrow's re-order for the trouble. This service is a joke.