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McDonald's prize plus Stick



I've never had NowTV before and yesterday I set up a 3 month subscription that I got in the McDonald's Monopoly game. I want to buy a Now stick so that I can watch it on my TV. All the sticks I've seen come with subscriptions already. What I'd like to know is, if I buy a stick with a 2 month subscription, will that be added to the 3 months from McDonald's or am I best waiting until the 3 months have passed before buying a stick so I don't lose out on the 2 months offered with the stick?

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


No problem buying a nowtv stick with a pre loaded bundled pass for watching on your TV now if you wish to use it straight away on your television.


I am assuming the McDonalds 3 month pass and the stick bundled pass you are interested in buying are the same type of pass i'e. entertainment, cinema, etc.


Then if so, i would start with the 3 month McDonalds pass and once you buy the stick set it up & activate it straight away using the same exact account details you used when you created your nowtv account.


The 2 month pass on the stick will be automatically saved and uploaded into the My Account > Passes & Vouchers section, where there will be a link towards the top of the page saying vouchers waiting for you.


To have 5 months of continuous use of the pass, you would need redeem the saved 2 month voucher on your account within the last 30 days of the 3 month McDonalds pass coming to the end.


Don't forget if you don't want to continue with the nowtv pass after the 5 months duration, then make sure you cancel before the next due payment date shown on your account.


If want a break between the 3 month McDonalds pass and the 2 month pass on the stick, cancel the pass and just be aware you have 12 months to redeem the 2 month voucher from the stick which will remain saved on your account until you start it. 

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The Now TV stick can be purchased without passes from the Now TV site for £14.99.


But, if you think that you might like to continue with Now TV past the end of the McDonald's prize then buying a pass bundle and saving the pass for later would be better value for money.


The pass only transfers from the device to your account when you load up the stick - it doesn't activate the pass until you click to do this. I activated a pass the other day and it also requires entry of your payment pin if you have one.