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update require when remote isnt working

All of a sudden my remote stopped working and then on my TV, NOW TV  connects and then it says an update is required and to go to settings - system -update. My remote doesnt work so i cant do it there and cant find where to do it on


Please can anyone help? Thank you so much 

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@ccotton I'm not sure if it will work but try downloading the official Roku remote control app to a mobile device. I know that app works with the Now stick and older black box but not sure if it works with the 4k smart box or Now Freeview box.

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Hi @ccotton 

The Roku remote App does also work on the NOW 4K Smart Box and NOW Freeview Smart Box.

Though with the NOW Freeview Smart Box you either need to use the Roku Remote App and a Wake on Lan App together with each other or otherwise every time you want to start the NOW Freeview Smart Box you need to reboot the power on the box when using the Roku Remote App.

If using a NOW Smart Voice Remote have you tried unplugging the power to the NOW Smart Box and then remove the batteries, then power back up the NOW box and insert new fresh batteries.

Also to force an update see if pressing the Home button 5 times, then quickly pressing the FF button 3 times, then quickly pressing the RW button 2 times on the remote to bring up the on screen secret menu.



I just had this. Checking the batteries in the remote, I could see nothing on the phone camera test, and my voltmeter showed they were both down to 0.6 volts.

I put new batteries in, and the remote carried straight on, without even needing a re-pair.

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