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New Hub & Roku App

My Now TV remote has stopped working so I operate my Now TV stick with a Roku app.

I've just got a new BT Hub and my mobile & Roku app are connected to that.

The Now TV stick was connected to the old hub. How can I get the Now TV stick connected to the new hub?

Legend 5
Legend 5


Use the old wifi Network name and wifi password from your NOW Hub on your BT Router.

Or if you have the old NOW Router, plug it into the mains power (don't connect it to the BT internet socket) and it should allow you then to go into the NOW Stick Settings under Network to select your BT wifi Network (make sure the Mobile with the Roku App is set under the Mobile wifi settings to the old NOW Router network name and wifi password).

Once you have connected to the wifi on the BT Router and Stick, then unplug the old NOW Router and change the wifi connected settings on the Mobile with the NOW App to use the BT Router.

Never done the above myself, but hopefully it will work.