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NowTV white box no longer supported



I tried connecting my old white NowTV box but after updating the system software I was told this device is no longer supported.


Bit of a drag as I was looking forward to using it in my bedroom and spent ages trying to reset my password for almost half an hour to be told my login details could not be found (even though I was definitely using the correct password) I’m presuming the reason I was unable to log in was because my device is no longer supported.


It wasn't until I’d updated the system software that the device became bricked completely. It’s a bit too lightweight to be used as a door stop so ended up throwing it away.


Just wondering if the guys at NowTV would please be kind enough to send me a replacement device out? So I am able to continue watching 🙂


Many thanks.

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@Anonymous User 

You won’t get a replacement device because at the time of this device being dropped they were sending NOW sticks.

And now the stick is no longer sold on the website.


The best option for you is to purchase an Amazon fire stick.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help