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Archaic NowTV box



I wanted to share with you all my thoughts as a returning customer that after over a year-long break decided to give NOWtv another go. This is my feedback after the cancellation that I've just proccessed:


After a year I've decided to give NowTV another go hoping that previous issues would be fixed by now. Unfortunately I am again VERY disappointed. Nowtv box is a very cheap and annoying to use piece of equipment but what's even worse is the archaic approach to using nowtv on multiple devices. In last 12 months I've updated my laptop, changed my phone and xbox console which were all registered to the account. NOWtv silly rules made them ALL useless to work for nowtv as I can only register/deregister ONE piece of equipment per month! Ludicrous! On my laptop I've tried accessing now tv just to be told that it won't work on Chrome, won't work on Edge (no Silverlight oo boo-hoo! Netflix CAN) and finally IE would do the job but... I've exceeded the limit of registered devices!


Nowtv box and it's archaic technology  so behind Amazon's fire stick that when I've started it I felt like I was transferred in time to 1980's!

Quality of the programs were quite bad as I had to discover that  box would only let me watch in 720p until I find the options and change the resolution to 1080p MANUALLY.

No subtitles for Nowtv programmes, still... really?...


Recommendation? LOL Hmm -10 points and a 'stay away'...

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User,  in the midst of your comments I noticed you were having issues with devices.  Instead of waiting, pop on to chat and ask them to free up devices.  please contact Now chat via this link

Contact Us...

they are open 8 - midnight


With regards to watching on your laptop can I recommend you use the app.  (hopefully that is modern enough for you).


Which box are you using? The black box or the smart box.


I have a fire stick and find them equally easy to use.  Picture quality is same on both for me.  Out of interest having you had any issues with your fire stick overheating?

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