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4:3 and 16:9

I recently bought a new box with 6 months entertainment pack included. When watching UK gold programs they all seem to be in 4:3 format, once the adverts come on it switches to 16:9 is there anything I can do change the 4:3 format? Probably really simple but i cant find option on the now tv box to address this, equally my TV settings didnt solve the issue
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@Anonymous User they won't solve it. Don't forget until relatively recently TVs were more square in shape and outward curved screen. Flat wide is much newer. Program were made to fit those.
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@Anonymous User


There's no settings on the box itself, but most TVs should have a ratio setting that will convert 4:3 to 16:9 by stretching it. Try the aspect ratio on your remote or in the TV settings and try the Auto setting or cycle through the other options to find the one that works (different TVs give the settings different names, but something like 4:3 expand)

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Hi @Anonymous User,


As @4268 has already mentioned, most of the content available on UK Gold was created/shot back in the days when 4:3 was "the norm".


It all seems so very long ago now...