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Sky NowTV white box

Hi, Bit late to the party, but I have just discovered the Sky NowTV whitebox I have. Is redundant and not supported.So my questions, Are there any valid offers to replace/exchange these boxes to a newer device ? Can the white boxes be hacked/flashed ...

Resolved! Moving 'channels' on Now TV Box home screen

I can rearrange the channels (apps) on the Now TV Box home screen.  But they always move back to their original positions. Is there any way that I can move a channel to a different position so it stays there permanently? (I want to swap the 4All and ...

DarylM by Legend 5
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Resolved! How to watch now tv box on 2 televisions

I have just ordered a now tv box and will be hooking it up to my tv in bedroom. Is it possible to watch content in the other tv downstairs at same time? Otherwise using 2 devicesHow would this work. Would you need to take remote downstairs to use?Tha...

Now TV stuck on screen saver

Hi, I have had my now to box for quite a while now with no problems what so ever, but after a home move And the Internet was put back on I plugged the box back in to the TV it connected with the router and then internet with no problems it then fine ...

Resolved! Now tv box white - no longer working

Hi.wondering if anyone can help my white now tv box isn’t working? I went to watch my film and it says device no longer supported, I was only watching it last night. My friend said she was sent a now tv stick as a replacement. How do we apply to be s...

White box!!!!!!

Would love  to know what NOWtv are going to do for the customers who bought white boxes in good faith, and are now forcing you to buy a stick, esp in tumes when money may be tight... I have bow broadbrand too so it leaves a bitter taste that Now tv h...

Watching from two homes

Hi There, I have a now tv sports Pass which I pay a monthly recurring subscription for. I'm able to add 6 devices and watch on 2 devices at a time. Does the 2 devices have to be in the same home? Or could my father for example watch on his computer w...

skyTv not accepting WiFi password

I have sky tv and use now broadband I tried to log in as not connected to the internet ( it was last night ) but not now when I put the password in it says incorrect password iv done it caps sensitive and numbers ect still doesn’t work ?