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Resolved! Can I record content?

Hi All, can i ask if it is posible to record anything on the NowTV box and if so how is it done and where does Now TV store the recording.   Also, is there a detailed user manual anywhere. I apreciate there is plenty of help from the site but this ta...

Why not allow dev mode now these boxes are dead?

Hey NowTV rather than force thousands of people to add to the piles of electronic waste by having to bin usable white NowTV boxes why don’t you do one final update which would allow people to access dev mode and give people the ability to side load P...

Error message

Hi guys, my brother is linked on my sky movies package and today his been getting a warning message that says 'somethings not right give it a moment or check for updates.' but when i follow this link it says invalid page. Its be...

Resolved! Issues with white now tv box

I’ve recently signed up to now tv again after not using it for a while. I tried to use my original now tv box but I’m getting a message saying the box is no longer compatible with now tv. It’s an official now tv box?!?! Think it’s a roku box. What is...

Now tv keeps freezing

My Now TV keeps freezing. It was fine for a week but now freezes every few seconds as I'm watching an episode on Boardwalk Empire. This is very irritating. According to the settings it has a good connection to the Wifi. Can you help please?

Now tv box problems

My now tv box (white) has stopped working I got an email months ago saying to apply for my now tv stick as a free upgrade, I applied for the stick and still haven’t heard anything of it or received it. 

Resolved! Trouble using Nowtv app through television

Hi, I think I need a new Now Tv box for my television. I am currently unable to watch Now tv on my normal television, but can only watch on the app on my phone or laptop. The app does not currently work on my television. Do I need an updated device? ...