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Resolved! Constant buffering Now TV box

My Now TV constantly buffers - I have tried every solution I could find in the forums and I have now given up....I just want to know where to send the box to get my money back and how to ensure no subscriptions are taken from my account - thanks

Error Code 10021 on 2nd box

I've been trying to connect a 2nd box and had bother until I found your information posts.  I've got the box working (finally) using the steps on your other post.  However, I keep getting error code 10021 "You've reached the maximum number of simulta...

Resolved! New box query

Now TV is fantastic. Bought a second box for my son's room which comes with a 2 month movies pass. Can I enter the code on my account or will it not work as I'm a previous customer? Thanks

Error message!!

When i try and do a payment for the now tv, (movies, and entertainment i have tried) i am getting the error message 1014! Although the billing address is correct, the bank is not blocking the 10p pre authorisation! And the security code is correct! I...

4 Devices confusion

Hi  I am on the last day of my trial month and feel let down.  During the month I had to restore my phone (one of my devices) to factory settings.  When I reinstalled the app, this has used up my 'change one device a month' privilege.  I just bought ...

Change login information on nowtv box?

How do you remove your current login detailson your nowtv box without having to format the box? 2 reasons for this:looking to give a now unused box to a friend that currently has my credentials locked innew customers seem to be the ones that get the ...