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Activity in NOW Box white (Archived)

Box not working and getting warm

Hi everyone, hope someone can help with this question.My white now TV box has suddenly stopped working and been getting warm in the power connector area. I've taken the casing off to get to the PCB. From looking at the board it seems like it's the vo...

Faulty nowtv box (white)

My white now tv box is no longer working i can choose what i want to watch but when i click on it to play a purple screen appears saying "DCP unauthorised. content disabled" the sound plays behind this screen there is just no picture i have factory r...

Not working after joining network

People pls help im going a bit crazy here ,,,My box joins network all 3 boxes ticked then does nothing except do a loop of Now TV in purple with a tongue and bouncing various balls etc I don't know what to do I have tried the usual things but no acti...