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Live Chat Visibility

Ok heres my issue. Why is it so god damn time consuming to get to the live chat option. Just make a freakin tab that pops out as soon as you land on the now website without having to make us go through 3 articles and then how to get in touch etc etc. Im literate on devices but for anyone who is mid aged or not knowledgable on how the nowtv help centre works, they’ll never find the live chat easily...


and why isnt there a live chat option inside the mobile app?? Please get up to speed with 2019.

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Live Chat Visibility

Hi @Sam 


Perhaps the reason why live chat is not easily accessible by clicking on a single button to "Contact Us" is posted by Karl-F The Community Forum Manager in this linked thread below.


Though i do agree with you and many others that reaching NowTV customer service should be more simplified with a press of a single button to reach their live chat service.


NowTV should also seriously consider re introducing their Email message service in conjunction with live chat, where some people find live chat too daunting and stressful (who have slow typing skills) where they much prefer sending an email where they can pre compose a message which they can write up in their own time without any time limit pressure when typing in real time on live chat.


A telephone helpline for TV customers would also be welcomed, but personally i can't see that this will ever happen because of costs that eats into a companies profit margin .😠.


Just my two pennies worth on this subject matter.





Re: Live Chat Visibility

Agree. And another thing, when the browser on mobile is minimised, you lose connection to the agent. So annoying.

RoyB Legend 5
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Re: Live Chat Visibility

Live Chat would be a lot less stressful if it didn’t keep timing out.


There should be an App for it, not the “don’t like your browser configuration, squire” nonsense we have now. And then it could know you are typing, like any decent Chat software does, and know not to time out.


In the meantime though, it would be better if the timeout tolerance was minutes, not seconds.

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