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Anonymous User
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App failed sign in.


My account lets me sign in online (using safari on iPhone) but the app doesn't recognise my login info. Tried resetting password twice, and reinstalling app. Please help! - game of thrones is calling.
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Legend 5

Hi and welcome to the forum @Anonymous User,


I don't know how but somehow you've managed to submit your post within the forums LG Device sub-section. You'll have more luck searching for a solution or asking your questions within this forums dedicated: iPhone, iPod, and iPad sub-section...


Hopefully a friendly NOW TV Team member will move this topic for you...



Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User


I have moved your post to the correct section of the help forum.


Sorry to hear that your unable to sign in to the app.


Can you let me know if you are within the UK, Your device isn't modified in anyway and that your not using any VPN'S to access the Internet.